VisualGEMS ERP is a high impact Enterprise Resource Management System that delivers unprecedented levels of manageability and adaptability. VisualGEMS ERP leverages the power of 32 bit & 64 bit windows based computing environments enabling VisualGEMS ERP users to take full advantage of the unique business benefits that windows based solutions provide. VisualGEMS ERP is architectured on a coherent high level strategy based on a robust technology framework offering a truly state of the art integrated enterprise and resource management solution.

VisualGEMS ERP keeps your operations tuned all those standards of business management that your customers operate in and your competitors dreams to achieve for the organization.

VisualGEMS ERP application development is built upon the technologies & tools that are market leading. This can be seen in all areas of our infrastructure,from our development platform (Windows 2008),our client side programming language (VB & DOT NET) the database we employ (Oracle, MS SQL Server) and our primary Platforms (Win 2003, Win 2008, Win XP, Win 7, Win 8). VisualGEMS ERP embraces today’s key technologies such as object orientation, COM & the Internet for real business benefits. Technologies that will deliver flexible architecture to support every aspect of your business now & into the next millenium.