Modules / Architecture

VisualGEMS ERP has been specially designed to help companies improve their performance. Its end-to-end functional coverage starts from Sampling and covers Merchandising, Time & Action Calendars, Style Costing, Order Budgeting, Raw Materials Sourcing, Inventory Control, Planning & Production, Shop Floor Productivity Monitoring & Controls, Distribution, Retail, Export Shipments, Invoicing & Export Shipment Documentation, Financial Accounting, Export Finance, HR & Payroll, Compliance, etc.Whether you are a small, single factory manufacturer or a large multi-factory, global manufacturer, VisualGEMS Multi-location Architecture has the scalability to fit your needs.

VisualGEMS ERP’s scalable & modular architecture allows you to start with one module to cover basic areas and then add new modules on demand to finally reach a powerful, integrated solution.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the VisualGEMS ERP system, the Software solution becomes the backbone for the organizations to monitor, track, trace and communicate production and business data throughout the department chain faster than any other software on the market today.