Time & Action Calander

Main Features of Advance TNA Module of VG ERP

  1. Linking of VG Transactions to TNA activities is flexible & can be done by user from simple & easy to use Interface provided.
  2. Auto TNA allows to create Activities (events) for Sample Approvals, Fabric & Accessory Purchase, Receipt & Issues, Production, etc.
  3. Activity Completion can be defined on percentage (%) basis. e.g. if 50% of required fabric is ordered then the Activity is marked as “In Progress”
    & Percentage is shown as 50%.
  4. User can View the TNA status of Orders on a graphical DASHBOARD. Color coded Graphical TNA Dashboard highlights the problem areas.
  5. Auto TNA genereates Alert Email based Reminders for Due, Delayed & Crisis Activities with Escalation facility. These emails are filtered buyer wise.
  6. Email reminders can be configured for activities which are due in next 2/3 days & can be send to people who are directly responsible for the activity completion.
  7. Auto Escalation of Email Reminders for delayed Events, to Senior Management thus exposing only crisis Reminders to Top Management.